Prayer Experience Sunset

The Prayer Experience

Dr. Gary Knouf

The Prayer Experience is a 3-Day retreat for pastors, church leaders, missionaries and Christian businessmen. Prayer Experiences are held in Apache Creek, New Mexico, and throughout the United States. The Prayer Experience is three days of great teaching on prayer by Dr. Gary Knouf, great food, and good fellowship. But even more than that it is an experience in prayer that will change your life and ministry taking them to a greater, higher and more powerful spiritual level. Prayer Experiences begin at Thursday with lunch at noon and conclude after lunch on Saturday. 

What are pastors saying about The Prayer Experience?

“I enjoyed the Prayer Experience immensely. It brought me back to things in 

prayer that I have been neglecting. The experience was life changing and the 

fellowship with the men of God was great!”


Pastor Max Perkins, Las Cruces NM